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A License to Write: Giving Ownership to the Writer


I am a writer and a teacher of writing. I have experienced the pivotal role ownership has on my writing and my willingness to write. As teachers of writing, we have the opportunity to give the students in our classrooms the license of ownership over their writing.

Exposing, Sharing, & Connecting: Helping Writers See Why We Write


When we know the purpose or the why in our work we work intentionally. As teachers, knowing our writers are working with intention allows us to trust the students. With trust, we can step back and allow students to make the decisions about their writing.

From the Classroom to the World: How a Young Writer is Making Her Voice Heard


Find out how Amelia Poor, age 12, learned “at a really young age how powerful writing can be.”

Amelia’s journey will surely inspire you and your young writers!

Making the Writer Better: Getting Started with Blogging


As I move forward in planning summer professional development for the teachers in my district, I am already finding the infographic invaluable.  In planning my session, “Getting Started with Blogging” I found the information on the infographic guiding each slide and each step as I planned the presentation.

Our Most Powerful Tool- Our Words: Looking Back And Moving Forward


In Visible Learning For Literacy, Fisher, Frey, and Hattie, explain “When feedback is delivered in such that it is timely, specific, understandable, and actionable students assimilate the language used by their teacher into their self-talk. (2016, 100)” These words stopped me. When our words become the self-talk of our students, they become the most influential tool we have as teachers.

A Breakthrough In Poetry: How To Bring Playfulness to Every Genre


Kids are inundated by rules. If the gift of writing is freedom of expression, are we imposing too many “rules” on writers? What if the rules of every genre, like poetry, were limited to just two or three?