How To Share News of School Closures and COVID-19 with Children: A Trauma-Informed Practice

Use a trauma-informed practice to share COVID-19 related news, such as school closings, with children and caregivers.

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A Mini-Series for Families: Writing is for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time

Rasha Hamid and Kelsey Sorum present three videos to guide families with writing anywhere, anytime, with anything they have.

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Hands-on Tools for Purposeful Practice with Punctuation

Whether your writers are forgetting to use, incorrectly using, or using punctuation without much variety, these tips and tools can bring engagement and intention to conventions.

Expand the Possibilities of Genres You Teach · opinion writing · persuasive writing

Opinion Writing: Expand the Possibilities of Genres You Teach

When planning any genre study, we can ponder:  How can the experience children have with this genre become more like the experience they can have with it in the world? In doing so, we can draw from our own experience with writing. We can study the craft of other writers. We can peruse bookshelves. We… Continue reading Opinion Writing: Expand the Possibilities of Genres You Teach