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We’ve removed links to some of our pages from our main menu in an effort to streamline additional information about our site, as well as some of our policies. 

Book Reviews

Our team reviews books for children and young adults, which teachers can use to teach students about the qualities of good writing within the context of a writing workshop. We also review professional teaching books and participate in blog tours. We do not receive monetary compensation for reviews. Click here to learn more.


We reserve the right to delete comments that fall into the following categories:

  • Etiquette: It is generally considered poor blogging etiquette to leave a comment that contains your personal contact information and/or signature, implying that you expect a comment in return for the one you left. Please refrain from including your URL, Twitter handle, email address, or other contact info in the body of your comment. 
  • Self Promotion: Please don’t use your comment or link to your blog for self-promotion. The links in the comment section of our Slice of Life Story Challenge are meant to lead our readers to stories from each other’s lives–not just what was on your blog that day.
  • Spam: It’s not just big advertisers who spam. Spam can include: Copying and pasting a comment from one post to another or leaving a message such as, “Nice post. Visit my blog at….” These are forms of spam.

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Workshop Terminology

This is a glossary of common writing workshop terminology we use on this blog.