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Words Matter: Using Affirmations in Writing Workshop

Our words to our students matter. What our students say to themselves matters. We can inspire and uplift the conversation by using affirmations throughout our teaching and in writing workshop.

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The Importance of Starting Practice with WHY: Nurturing Independence from the Start

How often do we ask ourselves about what leads our thinking on the teaching of writing? Is our purpose curriculum, or something much more significant? Why do we teach the way we do? And… How do we articulate why this, not that?

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Our Most Powerful Tool- Our Words: Looking Back And Moving Forward

In Visible Learning For Literacy, Fisher, Frey, and Hattie, explain “When feedback is delivered in such that it is timely, specific, understandable, and actionable students assimilate the language used by their teacher into their self-talk. (2016, 100)” These words stopped me. When our words become the self-talk of our students, they become the most influential tool we have as teachers.

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What’s the Keynote of the Unit?

Hurriedly making my way through the front door of the majestic Riverside Chapel on Manhattan's Upper West Side, I glanced at my watch.  Late, I thought to myself.  Oh well, I'm sure I can still find a seat.  To my surprise, I was politely directed not to the actual main body of the chapel, but… Continue reading What’s the Keynote of the Unit?

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Writing: A Path to Become an Intentional Educator

What if there was a way to build in opportunities to reflect, in writing, about my teaching right in the place where the lesson plans reside? And what if that place could also offer daily inspiration and opportunities to set positive intentions for the week ahead?

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Kathleen’s One Little Word of 2016

My fourth grade self's advice, my grandmother's influence, participating in the Literacy Leaders' Forum, and even a Facebook quiz and a fortune cookie have all pointed me in the direction of my One Little Word for 2016...HAPPY.

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Planning Ahead for Publishing

Third grade was my favorite year of school. We had the best teacher ever. We sang songs and poems that I still remember to this day (Cumalada cumalada cumalada vista!). For math, we sorted and categorized things like old keys, and tiles, and bottle caps. We learned to multiply and divide using household objects --… Continue reading Planning Ahead for Publishing

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Writing Mantras for the New School Year

What can we say to ourselves to affirm the power of writing? What words will help us move forward when the going gets tough? Thinking about class writing mantras...