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Increase the Number of Teachers in the Room with Student-Led Small Groups

An extra teacher is always a gift, especially when working with young authors. But what if we looked for teachers within those tiny writers?

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Mastering the Art of Thin-Slicing

Relying on Malcom Gladwell's work in Blink, Thin-Slicing allows you to look at student work quickly to identify trends and create groups, targeting specific skills to push each writer forward.

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Small Groups, Big Engagement: Expanding the Possibilities and Potential 

Here are some fresh approaches from Melanie Meehan and guest authors Julie Wright, Pam Koutrakos, and Maria Walther. In this post, we reimagine when and why small groups come together and expand your small group repertoire. 

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Minimizing Transition Time: Maximizing Writing Time Blog Series

When it comes to working out, there are definitely times when I appreciate the break I get during the transition times, and I’m sure that students, maybe even unintentionally, have figured out that longer transitions lead to shorter working time. Yet time on task is critical to move forward on goals, no matter what the goals are. Maximizing time-- in exercise or writing-- leads to progress.

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Are we Cutting the Right Corners?

No wonder teachers are stressed. Some of the habits that we think are saving us time are having the opposite effect on our mental health and wellness. Writing it down is the equivalent of setting it down—what a relief!

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The Power of Progression: Expanding the Reach with Small Group Work

Sometimes the journey of writing can feel overwhelming. Breaking goals into pieces and placing them on a progression can make progress and growth more visible.

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A Few Tips for Small Group Instruction: Expanding the Reach With Small Group Work

Small group instruction is one of the most powerful ways to differentiate instruction while offering opportunities for collaboration and connections between students. Here are some tips to increase the leverage and impact of your writing instruction. 

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Favorite Ways to Teach Foundational Skills in the Primary Grades: Expanding the Reach with Small-Group Work Blog Series

This post covers the how, the why, and the what of introducing stations or centers to support small group work on foundational skills in the primary grades.

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The High Value and High Reward of Including ALL Students in Small Group Lessons

Small group instruction can be for a single lesson or objective or we can plan a course of study over a period of time. Regardless of the time commitment, it's important to remember that small group work isn’t just for striving writers… it’s for ALL writers.

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Expanding the Reach with Small Group Work: A Blog Series

Even in the best of teaching times, a student’s work is rarely completely one level since there are so many elements that constitute effective writing, and it’s also rare for the same sequence of lessons to meet the learning opportunities of all students. With such variation and discrepancies, small group instruction is more critical than ever in order to address and nurture the range of learners in classrooms. We hope that this blog series inspires you to lean into small group instruction with intention and confidence! 

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A Review of Teaching Writing in Small Groups

Jennifer Serravallo's newest book, which focuses on small-group instruction, is a text that explains the fundamentals of small-group work and then provides teachers with support for implementing a variety of small groups that will help students grow as writers.

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Small Group Instruction Regardless of Platforms

Small groups are possible through breakout rooms, and just as in the classrooms, they offer targeted lessons for what students need right as they need it. It’s so worth figuring how to keep this important type of instruction happening, no matter where!