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Ten Possible Minutes: Sacred Writing

Every year brings with it new surprises. I was delightfully surprised by just ten minutes this year. Ten minutes made a big difference.

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Pursue a Passion Project!

How might you use writing to tap into your personal passions? Are you writing a piece that makes you "ache with caring"? And in a chock-full, busy-every-minute life, how can educators find time for writing that is deeply meaningful, with the lens of replicating this experience for students?

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Writing Mantras for the New School Year

What can we say to ourselves to affirm the power of writing? What words will help us move forward when the going gets tough? Thinking about class writing mantras...

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Creating Classroom Environments: Places for Writers to Grow

Every summer I dream of my classroom. When considering my third grade writers, what do they need to grow and how can I provide classroom spaces for that?

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End of Year Classroom Rituals

I've noticed that a post I wrote last June, about letters I have my students write to me at the end of each school year, has been getting a lot of clicks lately. Since it seems like a lot of people are looking for ideas with how to end the school year with the same… Continue reading End of Year Classroom Rituals

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The Big Picture Series: Celebratation

"Most people search high and wide for the key to success. If they only knew, the key to their dreams lies within." –George Washington Carver Thoughts: I don't think I was always able to determine what made me successful (at what I do). In fact, when I was younger, I thought success equaled making a… Continue reading The Big Picture Series: Celebratation

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One Little Word

New Year's Resolutions!???! FEH! Who needs them!??! I never stick to them anyway (who does?)! Therefore, when I saw the One Little Word "Challenge" on { A } this morning, I thought, "Wow!" Of course, then I proceeded to wonder just what my word for 2008 should be... I finally figured it out (see below).… Continue reading One Little Word

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Last Post of the Year

This is going to be my last post for 2007. Tomorrow starts a new year, brimming with possibilities and promise. 2007 has been an amazing year for me professionally and personally. Though it was not without its challenges. (Are writing teachers allowed to use double-negatives or is that bad form?!!?) I´m so pleased that Ruth… Continue reading Last Post of the Year

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Jump into the new year… seriously

HipWriterMama wrote a very inspiring post last year, which she reposted yesterday. Click here to read it. The line that resonated with me the most was: Take yourself seriously. Treat your dream seriously. And by the way, it is totally okay to allow people to treat you and your work with respect. It's important for… Continue reading Jump into the new year… seriously