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Words Matter: Using Affirmations in Writing Workshop

Our words to our students matter. What our students say to themselves matters. We can inspire and uplift the conversation by using affirmations throughout our teaching and in writing workshop.

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A Mini-Series for Families: Writing is for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time

Rasha Hamid and Kelsey Sorum present three videos to guide families with writing anywhere, anytime, with anything they have.

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When Writers Choose the Genre: Nurturing Independence from the Start

We don’t just want writers to be independent writers in our classrooms, we want them to be independent writers in the world! To do that, we need to offer frequent opportunities for them to begin with ideas, then choose genre — instead of the other way around.

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Ten Possible Minutes: Sacred Writing

Every year brings with it new surprises. I was delightfully surprised by just ten minutes this year. Ten minutes made a big difference.

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From the Classroom to the World: How a Young Writer is Making Her Voice Heard

Find out how Amelia Poor, age 12, learned "at a really young age how powerful writing can be."

Amelia's journey will surely inspire you and your young writers!

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Six REAL Purposes For Kids to Write This Summer and Beyond

We do all we can to keep kids writing over summer. But are we assigning tasks and busywork, or actually enriching their writerly lives?

I've created a tool to share with families and students of all ages to inspire writing for REAL purposes this summer and beyond.

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How to Reinvigorate Writing Workshop With Joy Through Independent Writing Projects

Don't let kids (or teachers) lose momentum for writing as summer approaches! There is no better time than now to implement independent writing projects, as we help kids prepare to lead writerly lives long after the school year ends.

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Branding Student Blogs

As an instructional technology coach, I have the privilege of working alongside teachers as they bring their students into the world of blogging.  Many of the teachers I work with are new to blogging. They rely on me to steer them into an experience that will engage the student, lift student writing, and fit within the already packed school day. I guide these teachers to create branded blogs.

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Nightly Writing: Homework and the Writing Workshop

Four ways to encourage students to write after the school day is finished WITHOUT assigning writing as homework.