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Tapping Into the Power of Some New Mentor Texts

Mentor texts are important co-teachers in the writing workshop! Here's an in-depth look at the mentor texts I talked about in a recent podcast. After you finish reading, be sure to leave a comment after on this post for a chance to win all ten of the featured books!

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Discover What Writers REALLY Need By Kidwatching

Anytime we pay careful attention and take non-judgemental notes about how students are learning what to do as writers, we gain valuable insight on how to better instruct them.

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The Mid-Workshop Interruption: An Opportunity for Instruction During the Workshop

We maximize our teaching time when we look for opportunities to instruct our students at different times during a writing block. The mid-workshop interruption is a consistent way to gather your class together to raise the level of their work day after day.

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Writing on Students’ Work in Progress: Resetting Our Workshop Practices

I used to write on my students’ writing. NOW I believe if I’m the person writing down what I think a child should write, then I remove lots of that child’s agency.

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Put Writing Clubs on Your Radar for 2022-23

After having spent a lot of time physically distancing ourselves from one another, we're finding ways to gather a bit more closely again. Writing clubs are a way to bring students back together, honor student choice, and strengthen a classroom writing community.


Uvalde: Where We Are & What We Do Next

Since 2007, I've refrained from sharing my political views on this blog. After all, TWT is a blog about the teaching of writing. However, I'm not about to stay silent when students and teachers have been murdered in their school building once again.