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Quick & Fun Lesson Closures? Yes, Please!

Embrace the thrill of trying something new. Know that doing so doesn't require abundant time, energy, or preparation. Small shifts have a real impact on classroom energy, enthusiasm, and engagement. How do you add variety, joy, and/or playfulness to lesson closings?

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Keeping the Energy In a Unit of Study

A six to eight-week writing unit may not be the equivalent of running a marathon, although some may beg to differ this year, but it still requires some creativity for strong and energetic finishes. As I work with several teachers who are in the final third of their information writing units across a variety of grades, here are a few ideas for maintaining energy.

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The Writing Teacher’s Happiness Project

To end the year on a happy note, I am setting some goals for April, May and June in my own version of a Writing Teacher's Happiness Project. What would you work on to end your year in a happy way?

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The Most Beloved Books in our Library: A Birthday Tradition

The most-read books of the year were ones authored by my students on their birthdays. Today, I share how my school made a change to a more beliefs-centered way of celebrating.

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Overcoming Anxiety About Displaying Student Writing

You see the beauty in your kids' work: every misspelled word, every cross-out, every taped-on flap. You know that all that "messiness" is evidence of good work that kids are doing. Hard work. 

But outside your classroom, the rest of the world might not see it that way.

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What’s Working? Take the Time to Celebrate It

Sometimes our writing workshops can begin to feel a little like a house we live in-- always something to improve, always something we haven't been able to get to, etc.  But I would venture to argue that, like a house, many things are working. It's time to notice and celebrate them!

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Thinking about Process versus Product: Looking Back and Moving Forward

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to think about and ask children to think about the growth they’ve made since the first day of school. In the rush, it’s easy to forget about the importance of slowing down and taking the time to reflect, and yet, reflection is a cornerstone of learning.

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National Day on Writing: Last Minute Ideas!

It's not too late to plan a celebration of National Day on Writing. NCTE celebrates on this day each year the importance and most of all the delight that writing can bring to our lives using #WhyIWrite as a common theme. Take a look at some quick ideas to get your celebration rolling if you didn't set a plan in motion for this special day.