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Rethinking Learning Targets


We all want to support and nurture inspired writers who work independently. So how might we carefully avoid creating uninspiring, teacher-dependent environments for learning? I present a few ideas here…

Never Write About the Same Topic as Your Students–Except Sometimes


The cornerstone of writing workshop is that students get to choose their own topics rather than be assigned a topic by the teacher.

From Dependent to Independent: Four Ways To Begin Tomorrow


We’re not just teaching writers to be independent, we’re teaching them how to be independent.

Here are four ways to nurture independence during today’s writing workshop!

Personalizing charts to foster intention and independence


More and more, another way we’ve been making sure that charts become part of our writers’ toolbelts is to create individual ones that are either the same as the ones on the wall or close enough that they don’t require instruction for students to access.

How to Reinvigorate Writing Workshop With Joy Through Independent Writing Projects


Don’t let kids (or teachers) lose momentum for writing as summer approaches! There is no better time than now to implement independent writing projects, as we help kids prepare to lead writerly lives long after the school year ends.

Writing Checklists: Tools for Independence and Goal-Setting


I am a list person. I have lists by my computer, by my bed, in the kitchen, in my car console– And I love crossing things off my lists. One of the reasons… Continue reading