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Pausing for the Summer: Announcing Our Blogging Break & Some Changes

TWTBlog and TWTPod are taking a summer break. Read on to learn about some exciting changes coming to TWTBlog in August. This post also contains information about Slice of Life Tuesdays, Voices from the Community, and more.

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On The Magical Beauty of Writing in Early Childhood

This year, I have been collecting my students' writing since October. I have been hoarding it, stashing it away, and refusing to give it back until I'm ready. I'm almost ready!

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Saying Goodbye

When I joined the Two Writing Teachers team in 2013, I never imagined what an important part of my life it would become. I had recently moved from Brooklyn to rural Vermont, I was pregnant with my son Jackson, and my daughter was just about to turn four years old. Eleven years of posting later,… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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Graphic Novels: The Perfect Way to End the Year

Graphic Novels: The Perfect Way to End the Year. Learn how you can leverage all the work you've done in writing workshop all year long to ignite joy and engagement.

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Play Up Partner Time! 3 Quick Games That Yield Joy, Ownership, & Success

Finding small ways to infuse a playful spirit into writing workshop keeps me (and students) feeling excited about each day’s experience. When we tinker with new ways of approaching workshop learning routines, everyone wins! Today’s tips are focused on simple ways to play up partner time. 

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Writing Teachers: It’s Time to Pass the Baton!

By taking a few simple steps and asking some easy questions, you can pass your knowledge about your current students on to the next teacher and prepare for a new group of incoming writers.