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Designing Writing Units Where Students Choose the Product

Many of today’s students crave choice, freedom, and the excitement of exploring something new. This year, as you prepare to roll out your writing units, you may also want to reconsider the level of constraints within each unit. How and when might you invite students to choose the product that best fits their personal preference and intended audience?

Resetting Our Workshop Practices Blog Series - Image of a teacher erasing things she used to do from a whiteboard.

Opening the Door to Reflection: Resetting Our Workshop Practices Blog Series

At Two Writing Teachers, we know how important it is to learn in a safe space, so this week, we invite you into ours. We will  share some of the growth experienced in our own teaching and what that was like for our students and for us. You might recognize yourself in some of our journeys, or you may see into an experience quite different from your own.