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Discover What Writers REALLY Need By Kidwatching

Anytime we pay careful attention and take non-judgemental notes about how students are learning what to do as writers, we gain valuable insight on how to better instruct them.

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Family Resources for At-Home Learning: Reflections and Shifts As We Move Forward

This post is a look back at the resources I created to support families with at-home learning throughout the pandemic, and some ideas for supporting families in the future.

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Developing Stamina: Meet Writers Where They Are

When we think of stamina, whether with exercise or writing, we might be tempted to think only of the moment - the moment of doing jumping jacks or moving the pencil across the paper. Yet, so much more goes into getting to that moment and then staying in that moment. Stay with me, as I compare trying to build up my stamina for daily movement to students growing in their stamina for writing.

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Resources Teachers Can Share With Families: Increase Writing Volume and Stamina at Home

Teaching my own kids is humbling to say the least. At home, I am not the special visiting teacher. I'm not even the teacher. At home, I'm mom, and it is the understatement of the century to say that it is a challenge to teach my own kids.

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“Just-Keep-Swimming” Spelling Strategies

Just like Dory, in the movie Finding Nemo, young writers can easily lose their way and forget where they were headed, especially if they stop for too long and lose their momentum.

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Finding Time: With Craft Moves on The Poem Farm

Poetry month in my opinion (and my students’) is a celebration of writing! It’s a time when we writers welcome new beginnings and hone the art and crafting of our writing skills. I watch my students take wings and write with grace and confidence during poetry month.

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Pump Up the Volume! -Part of #TWTblog’s Throwback Week

In this throwback week post, Beth Moore brilliantly shares great ideas to help students "pump up their volume"- just what my 3rd graders need!

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Building Stamina in Primary Writers

My Kindergarten Classroom in October of 2011 Looking around the room…… “I’m done,” echoes as a line forms. I begin looking at the work, making my way down the line. The drawings lack detail, some letter or squiggles are quickly put down and overall the oral story is weak. They were just trying to get… Continue reading Building Stamina in Primary Writers