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Conquering the Blank Page with Borrowed Lines

Borrowed lines from nonthreatening text is one way we can demystify writing for students and help them see the page, not as an empty vast space, but as an opportunity to produce beautiful writing. 

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Building a Community of Writers: Creating the Emotional Space

Building a community of writers is likely a goal for all writing workshop teachers. But what are some ways to be intentional about bringing such a goal to fruition?

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Words that are Speaking to Me + Something Cool

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. --- Attributed to Groucho Marx And make sure to check out these FREE SUMMER READING PRINTABLES. Don't be fooled by the word summer, I can totally envision using some of these ideas in classrooms. Check it… Continue reading Words that are Speaking to Me + Something Cool

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Family Trees Provide Us With A Way To Write About Our Family

Some kids have a really easy time writing about their families, but I've also seen many kids struggle with the idea of writing about their family. Hence, as I was playing around on Lettering Delights tonight, I came across a bundle of Family Tree graphics and fonts and put it to work soon thereafter. As… Continue reading Family Trees Provide Us With A Way To Write About Our Family

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Putting it out there

I just sent ten of my former students, who've expressed an interest in doing independent writing projects going-forward, an iomoi invitation to consider joining me to work on a manuscript for a sequel to DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women. This is what the e-mail said (minus the girls' names): Dear _,… Continue reading Putting it out there

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as promised —

The beginning writing workshop training ended today.  I promised to compose a post with some of the places in cyberworld that I referenced.  Here it goes -- Stacey's post about the TCRWP K-8 Continuum for Assessing Writing is here. DonorsChoose information is here.  Stacey shares tips for getting your proposals funded. Karla Hayden's website is… Continue reading as promised —

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ruth’s wn entry: home + art.

Stacey inspired me (as is so often the case) to capture my home in some sort of art medium for my writer's notebook.  Since for my 30th birthday my husband gave me my dream gift -- check it out here -- I had to use it for this challenge.  To bump up the artistic side… Continue reading ruth’s wn entry: home + art.

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ruth’s cwp (celebrity writer profile)

A week ago Stacey posted an idea for Celebrity Writer Profiles.  I thought this was such a great idea, and had to make a sample one for myself too.  (Then I forgot to post the darn thing!  Oops!)  So here's mine -- you should try one too & send us the link.  Name: Ruth Ayres Brief biographical sketch: Mrs.… Continue reading ruth’s cwp (celebrity writer profile)

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capturing life.

My husband had left for 14 days for Peru, South America.  During the time he was gone, I tenaciously captured our life through photos and blog posts.  My son and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary -- simply lived life.  I've been reminded that all of this simple living adds up to big meaning.… Continue reading capturing life.

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Lunch Box Poetry

I had an idea in the shower this morning (the place of many wonderful thoughts). When I have kids I think I'm going to put a poem into their lunch box every day of the school year when they're in elementary school in order to foster love of poetry. One way to make this less… Continue reading Lunch Box Poetry