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Make the Most of Professional Development: A Digging Deeper Dialogue Two Writing Teachers Podcast

Are you a literacy coach looking to take your professional development to the next level, or are you a classroom teacher who wants more out of the PD you receive? Our latest episode has got you covered! Tune in for various ideas, from incorporating dedicated writing time into PD sessions to searching for mentor texts as a faculty member. More nuanced options, like video studies and lab sites, are discussed. This episode has inspiring ideas to help you take your PD to the next level. What's Next:We are experienced in leading professional development for school districts and are happy to discuss potential opportunities with you.Click here to find out about Melanie Meehan's PD offerings.Click here to learn more about Stacey Shubitz's professional development services.Go Deeper:Labsites Showcase Examples of Good TeachingMake Labsites MeaningfulMentor Texts with Craft MovesOn-Demand Performance Assessments and the Norming MeetingOne Writer at a Time: Fostering an Adult Writing CommunityP.D. Possibilities: Thoughts About Professional Development Blog SeriesScoring On-Demand AssessmentsUsing Protocols to Look at Student WritingVideo Case StudiesVideos to start professional developmentTHANKS TO OUR AFFILIATES! BrainPOP: Use TWTPOD15 to receive 15% off your first BrainPOP Family or BrainPOP Homeschool payment.Libro.fm Offer: Use the TWTPod CodeReceive 2 audiobook credits for $14.99 USD with your first month of membership.Please subscribe to our podcast and leave us ratings/reviews on your favorite listening platform.You may contact us directly if you want us to consult with your school district. Melanie Meehan: meehanmelanie@gmail.com Stacey Shubitz: stacey@staceyshubitz.com Email us at contact@twowritingteachers.org for affiliate or sponsorship opportunities.For more about teaching writing, head to the Two Writing Teachers blog.
  1. Make the Most of Professional Development: A Digging Deeper Dialogue
  2. Find Inspiration for Summer Writing: A Conversation With a Colleague
  3. Three Possibilities for Using Chat GPT: A Tip for Tomorrow from Melanie
  4. Make Mentor Texts Endure: A Tip For Tomorrow From Stacey
  5. The Tricky Business of Spelling: A Digging Deeper Dialogue
  6. The Importance of Immersion: A Digging Deeper Dialogue
  7. End the School Year with Independent Writing Projects: A Tip for Tomorrow from Stacey
  8. Joy, Play, and Humor in Writing Workshop: A Digging Deeper Dialogue
  9. Sentence Construction: A Tip for Tomorrow from Melanie
  10. The Power of Poetry: A Conversation with a Colleague