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On Rethinking the Publishing of Information Writing

When it comes to writing, a need for writers to have a clear vision is one of the big reasons we provide mentor texts in writing workshop.  Kids need to see not only a goal or end toward which they may aspire, but I would add that they need to be provided models to become inspired.  For we all know the effect inspiration can have on anything we are up to in life, right? It matters.  It helps. And certainly, writing is no exception. Read on to learn about why making a big deal of publishing informational writing is worth considering...

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Ten Possible Minutes: Sacred Writing

Every year brings with it new surprises. I was delightfully surprised by just ten minutes this year. Ten minutes made a big difference.

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Overcoming Anxiety About Displaying Student Writing

You see the beauty in your kids' work: every misspelled word, every cross-out, every taped-on flap. You know that all that "messiness" is evidence of good work that kids are doing. Hard work. 

But outside your classroom, the rest of the world might not see it that way.

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My One Piece of Advice

"If you were going to give just one piece of advice to a colleague who is just starting out with writing workshop, what would it be?"

As a literacy coach and consultant, this is a question that I have been asked again and again... and again.

And each time my answer is the same.

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Embracing Rejection: It’s All in the Attitude

The last time I had a story rejected, I’ll admit I was disappointed…for about two minutes. Then I rejected the negative feelings and sent the story to a different publisher…

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Writing Celebrations…But Why?

With all the pressures imposed by a segmented, unforgiving middle school schedule, why make time for writing celebrations? Are they really that important? Yes!

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Planning Ahead for Publishing

Third grade was my favorite year of school. We had the best teacher ever. We sang songs and poems that I still remember to this day (Cumalada cumalada cumalada vista!). For math, we sorted and categorized things like old keys, and tiles, and bottle caps. We learned to multiply and divide using household objects --… Continue reading Planning Ahead for Publishing

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An Eraser-Free Workshop and the Language We Use for Talking About It

When I visit a classroom, one of the first things I often say to kids is, "Today, please don't erase. I want to see ALL the great work you are doing as a writer. When you erase, your work disappears!" Often, this is what kids are accustomed to and they continue working away. But sometimes, kids stare at me as if I've got two heads.