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Getting Started With Beginning Writers, A Review and Giveaway


In A Teacher’s Guide to Getting Started With Beginning Writers, Katie Wood Ray and Lisa Cleaveland help us think with our beliefs — in the decisions we make, in the questions we ask, in our actions, in the language we use, and in how we see children. In everything we do, we send a message, and that message should align with our beliefs.

Words Don’t Make a Writer: Supporting Emergent Writers Who Are Not Yet Writing Words


Are we putting additional stress and pressure on kids to write words? With purpose and joy, kids can go from compliance to engagement and become the kinds of writers who add words as powerful information to their books.

The Idea Book: A Tool To Help Kids Live Like Writers


It’s never too early to instill writerly habits. A class idea book will inspire kids to collect seeds for writing everywhere they go (and much, much more!).