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Family Resources for At-Home Learning: Reflections and Shifts As We Move Forward

This post is a look back at the resources I created to support families with at-home learning throughout the pandemic, and some ideas for supporting families in the future.

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More Barriers Along a Writer’s Pathway… And More Ways Around

When writers appear to be unable to do something, then the work of teachers gets going! So here come more roadblocks and ideas for dealing with them.

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Interval Training With Writers

Interval training has added movement and fun to the classrooms I've seen try it out. Everyone appreciates a change of pace, and sometimes, this is a great way to add that change up into the classroom repertoire.

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Resources Teachers Can Share With Families: Increase Writing Volume and Stamina at Home

Teaching my own kids is humbling to say the least. At home, I am not the special visiting teacher. I'm not even the teacher. At home, I'm mom, and it is the understatement of the century to say that it is a challenge to teach my own kids.

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“Just-Keep-Swimming” Spelling Strategies

Just like Dory, in the movie Finding Nemo, young writers can easily lose their way and forget where they were headed, especially if they stop for too long and lose their momentum.

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Make Curiosity Your Best Friend

As a new teacher, I sometimes made assumptions about my students that may not have been based in reality.  Of course, this is human to do so.  We all make assumptions at times. But when it comes to teaching writing, what if we replaced the act of making assumptions with curiosity?  What if we worked to make curiosity our best friend in our teaching?

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When Conventions Aren’t Sticking–Some Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: you're not going to find the miracle cure for getting students to use conventions in their writing within this post. I don't have one. And I've read a lot, researched a lot, and tried a lot of things. That being said, you may come across some ideas that apply not only to conventions, but also to the writing process as a whole, and maybe even to life. (That might be a stretch...but maybe---)

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Independent Writing Time: Beyond the Fundamentals of Writing Workshop

Last week I met with a teacher about a writer who worries her. “Where’s his writing?” I asked. She pulled out a piece with a date on it, and the date was from over a month ago. This second grader had written a few words on each page, and when we looked closely, many of… Continue reading Independent Writing Time: Beyond the Fundamentals of Writing Workshop


Volume Matters

Each morning, my husband and I stumble bleary-eyed toward our espresso machine. His drink is a single shot, the shorter and blacker the better. My drink is an Americano, the taller and milkier the better. He claims his small shot is just the amount he needs to get him going and nothing more, while I prefer… Continue reading Volume Matters