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In Case You Missed It: Reaching Your Writers

Our hope is that this blog series helps to bridge the divides between how we teach writing and how students learn writing because we all believe not only in the importance of writing, but also that all children can learn to write-- and learn to write well-- and even like writing!

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Communication, Collaboration, and Clarity: Reaching Your Writers

The more we can communicate, collaborate, and empower the people we work with, both adults and students, so that they know and understand the learning that should be happening in our writing classrooms, the more we will see that learning happen. When we all know what we’re working on and we have the tools and systems to support our pathways, great things happen!

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Everyone Gets What They Need: Reaching Your Writers

How a story about babies and bandages helped kids and families differentiate between equity and equality....and what it looks like for everyone go get what they need during writing workshop.

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Re-imagining Classroom Work Spaces: Reaching Your Writers

We cannot always afford to provide students everything we want to give them, but it’s important to find ways to give all kids what they need. It is possible to create a space with flexible seating options on a limited budget.

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Entry Points to Build Independence: Reaching Your Writers

Where are the places your writers find themselves stuck? Identifying our writers' sticky spots can help us determine entry points for writers to pull themselves out of being stuck and instead strive!

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Helping Students Who Don’t Want To Write: Reaching Your Writers

How do we reach our writers who come to us from traumatic backgrounds? How do we help writers who have painful stories they don't feel comfortable sharing? How do we help children feel safe to write something when they prefer to sit and write nothing? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments so we can learn from each other and reach more of our writers.