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Saying Goodbye

When I joined the Two Writing Teachers team in 2013, I never imagined what an important part of my life it would become. I had recently moved from Brooklyn to rural Vermont, I was pregnant with my son Jackson, and my daughter was just about to turn four years old. Eleven years of posting later,… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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A Mini-Unit on Joke-Telling

It is often said that great comedy requires great empathy. A good joke-teller anticipates how others will react. They adjust each joke to the audience for maximum effect. Will they understand? Will they get it? Will they laugh?

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Empowering Students with a Kid-Friendly Tool for Self-Assessment: Amping up Agency Blog Series

When students can articulate how they have grown as writers and can name the strategies they’ve used, we help see that they can do it again next time.

Slice of Life Story Challenge

Overview of the 16th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge

We will host the 16th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge here at Two Writing Teachers this March. Since 2008, the challenge's mission has remained the same: to support teachers who want to write daily. We believe that teachers who write regularly can better support the students they teach in writing workshops daily.