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Transferring Agency from School to Home: Amping Up Agency Blog Series

If you are looking for ways to increase a young writer’s agency at home–either as an educator or as a parent–here are some things you might want to consider.

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Empowering Students with a Kid-Friendly Tool for Self-Assessment: Amping up Agency Blog Series

When students can articulate how they have grown as writers and can name the strategies they’ve used, we help see that they can do it again next time.

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Tools and Resources That Support Student Agency in the Kindergarten Writing Workshop: Amping Up Agency Blog Series

You've probably heard a young child say, "I can do it all by myself!" in one breath, and then in the next breath they are asking you for help. As children make sense of the world and learn how to do more things for themselves, they crave structure and support from adults. Providing children with a variety of tools and resources and teaching them how and when to use them, supports students in developing a sense of "big kid-ness" and agency over their own writing.

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Five Read Aloud Books for an Agency Study: Amping up Agency Blog Series

I’ve put together a text set of newer picture books to explore the concept of agency with kids. Imagine how it might look across a week to read these books aloud, co-creating an anchor chart with similarities between the actions of the main characters. What might we anticipate writers noticing? What connections might kids make to writing workshop? How might these characters serve as mentors as we collectively build our writing workshop, ensuring it is a place where each writer is encouraged and challenged to make decisions, to initiate the action they need to move their writing work forward?

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The Language to Develop Agency: Amping Up Agency Blog Series

Teachers can build and increase students’ agency by using specific phrases at when conferring, leading small groups, or holding reflection/share sessions at the end of a workshop.