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Rethinking Materials, Routines, and Collaboration: What Does Independence and Interdependence Look Like From Home?

Our teaching worlds have been turned upside down. For many of us, every system and structure we’ve had in place for planning, teaching and learning has changed over the past few days. As you find our groove in the new reality, here are some practical suggestions that will help bring the many comforts of your classroom home.

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Finding Accessible Fonts for Classroom Use

Fonts that look whimsical and childlike may place a stumbling block in front of students with language-based learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia. Get tips from four industry professionals who will help you find an accessible font without sacrificing personality.

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Writers Need Tools!

As teachers, we have tools we use across the day and toolkits we use within our writing workshop. As I get ready for my second week of school here is a glimpse at the tools my writers will be gathering this week as we get further into the routines of our writing workshop!

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Paper Choices: What’s up with that?

I'll be honest, the best thing about the start of the new school year is the school supplies. There's nothing like the combo-smell of  new backpack, pencils, erasers, and paper. Ah. I think it's safe to say that many avid writers have a strong affinity for school supplies (or office supplies if you prefer). Pens,… Continue reading Paper Choices: What’s up with that?

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A Game Plan for Writing Workshop Transitions

Have you ever visited a colleague's classroom or watched a video of a lesson and wondered, "How are those kids so perfect? How do they seem to know exactly what to do, the moment the teacher suggests it?" Just like in sports, practice makes perfect. A sports coach puts time and effort into devising game… Continue reading A Game Plan for Writing Workshop Transitions

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What do I do with all of my students’ writing?

Are you feeling inundated with paper in your writing workshop? Here are some quick tips to help you help your students organize their writing so that their desks and writing folders are less cluttered.

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Writing Workshop Supply List: 10 Things to Scrounge for Over the Summer

The summer is the perfect time to start stocking up on the things you really need. Whether you are hoping to get materials donated, or you teach in a community where families can provide a few things for your students, or you are planning to do some good old fashioned scrounging, this list can help you strategize a plan for materials.