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Family Trees Provide Us With A Way To Write About Our Family

Some kids have a really easy time writing about their families, but I’ve also seen many kids struggle with the idea of writing about their family. Hence, as I was playing around on Lettering Delights tonight, I came across a bundle of Family Tree graphics and fonts and put it to work soon thereafter.

As I began to fill-in some the boxes on this very bare tree tonight, I started thinking back to funny moments with all of my grandparents (at least their three who I remember the most) and wanted to write them down. So I guess that is what creating a family tree can help you do… it can get you motivated to think about deceased relatives and the way in which you’re going to spend more time thinking and talking about.

My Family Tree (A Work In Progress)

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Be sure to check out the Lineage Chart Layout Generator as well!

One thought on “Family Trees Provide Us With A Way To Write About Our Family

  1. My 7th grade class completes a Family History Album each spring. They have a series of assignments to complete and they turn out beautifully. This year I am going to have them write about how their parents named them and why. You’re right; there’s a lot to write about when it comes to FAMILY!


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