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ruth’s wn entry: home + art.

Stacey inspired me (as is so often the case) to capture my home in some sort of art medium for my writer’s notebook.  Since for my 30th birthday my husband gave me my dream gift — check it out here — I had to use it for this challenge.  To bump up the artistic side of it, I used Adobe Photoshop.  Below is my art & my writer’s notebook entry.  I love Stacey’s idea to use the art work & writing as the basis to a mini-gallery for our classrooms.  If you do too, now is the time to create & write (before the whirlwind of the new school year begins).  Then post your work & share the link with us!


This is the place I love.  The place I am safe to be myself.  The place where I’m living my dreams.  It is here that I can be a momma, a wife, a friend, a cook, an artist, a writer, a reader, a teacher and a pepsi drinker.  And it is all okay.

I am blessd to have this kind of place in my life.  Not everyone does, even though they should.  It is a place where everything is  all okay.  As much as I love going out into the world — for church or work or errands or vacation — I love coming home even more.  It is here that I rejuvenate and grow.  Without here, I wouldn’t be who I am out there.

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  1. Wow Colette & Jen — thanks for sharing your thoughts on home too & pushing mine even deeper. I love how when we come together we can leave with bigger ideas. 🙂

    Colette — I love your line “solace in just being home.”

    Liz — Yes! Link us! I’m heading over to your blog now. The farm scene is from my back deck & what I see out my kitchen window.

    Happy Writing All,


  2. Ruth- Happy Birthday & awesome gift! Isn’t home a wonderful place! I love coming into my home and taking a deep breath. It’s like I let out all of the world’s frustrations at the door.
    I love all the little things that remind me of my family, friends, and places I have been. It’s my dream home…
    Thanks for reminding me to look beyond the four walls of this great place!


  3. I also feel very fortunate to have a place to call home. Many wonderful friends and family have made this possible. I am grateful for the smallest things, like an attached garage with an automatic door that goes up and down with just a push of a button, my own bathroom, and the sun finding it’s way into the many windows around my house everyday.

    After a hectic week at school, I can find solace in just being home…home with my daughter, our cat Oliver, Taffy the bird, a great book, and coffee…but most of all my flower beds. Digging in the dirt relieves any stress or anxiety that has pent up over the week. I can get lost in the pulling of weeds, the dead-heading of flowers, and just digging in the dirt!

    All of this is a part of who I am.


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