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Putting it out there

I just sent ten of my former students, who’ve expressed an interest in doing independent writing projects going-forward, an iomoi invitation to consider joining me to work on a manuscript for a sequel to DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women. This is what the e-mail said (minus the girls’ names):

Dear _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, and _,

You’ve all expressed an interest to me in continuing to write (whether it’s for a book or a magazine). Hence, for those of you I had lunch with last week, I wanted to tell you I am serious about what I said. I would be willing to advise some of you (at least three) on a non-fiction book similar to DEAL WITH IT! (Though it needs a different spin this time.)

Since I no longer work for your school, and some of you no longer attend it, the manuscript would have to be written and THEN sent off to a publisher. It could take 6+ months to write the manuscript and even longer to find a publisher. However, I’d be willing to do it for you if you’re really interested in pushing yourself as a writer.

Let me know, via e-mail, if you’re interested and what you’d envision this project looking like. Remember, it would all have to be done over e-mail (I’d make a wiki for you guys so that! you could edit each other’s documents) AND I’d need your parent’s permission to work with you as well. Let me know what you think… No pressure! Believe me, I’m busy trying to write an article for publication right now. However, your growth as writers is still important to me, regardless of where I live.

Warm regards,
Ms. Shubitz

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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