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Family Resources for At-Home Learning: Reflections and Shifts As We Move Forward

This post is a look back at the resources I created to support families with at-home learning throughout the pandemic, and some ideas for supporting families in the future.

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A Letter to Families as we Launch Remote Writing Workshop

As I considered what to write this week, I decided to share a piece I was crafting for back to school, as an instructional coach/remote kindergarten teacher this year. The process helped me to focus on what families might need, as they experience writing workshop in new ways (i.e. at their kitchen tables).

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Back to School Themes and Reflections

What are the themes that you come back to each school year? Today I explore the topics that I come back to each new year and share links from previous posts. Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Six REAL Purposes For Kids to Write This Summer and Beyond

We do all we can to keep kids writing over summer. But are we assigning tasks and busywork, or actually enriching their writerly lives?

I've created a tool to share with families and students of all ages to inspire writing for REAL purposes this summer and beyond.

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Ways to Involve Caregivers: Homework and the Writing Workshop

I don't remember sharing writing experiences at home when my daughters were in elementary school.

I wish we had.

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Carving Out Time: Authentic Purposes for Writing

I believe in writing. I believe that the more you write, the more you discover your own thoughts and ideas. Your voice grows stronger. You become more fluent. Writing becomes a part of who you are, how you see the world, how you process your thoughts, how you communicate effectively with others. It is not enough for students to just write during writing workshop. Writing needs to be woven into the fabric of the day, across subject areas, in ways that are meaningful and authentic for students.

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Celebrating Writers and Teachers

It’s the end of the school year and our days are full of reflections, assessments, and all kinds of celebrations. During those final days before summer vacation begins, we find many ways celebrate student growth and recognize their accomplishments. And of course my favorite celebration is a simple and informal writing share with parents and… Continue reading Celebrating Writers and Teachers

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Bring the Writing Celebration to Them!

Many parents, guardians, and extended family members cannot leave work to attend writing celebrations. Here are some ideas to bring your next publishing party into the community where you teach OR to make them virtual celebrations.