Far From Goodbye

Sometimes life calls and we must follow. Today is my last post on Two Writing Teachers, however, it is far from goodbye. My words will now call only one blog home, Ruth Ayres Writes: {Discover. Play. Build.}. You can also find me in these online spaces: Facebook {Discover. Play. Build.} Twitter @ruth_ayres Pinterest @ruth_ayres Instagram @ruth_ayres Please… Continue reading Far From Goodbye

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Notebook Routines

I think the thing that makes a writer is Habit. Yes, that's habit with a capital H. (I go back and forth between whether it's habit that makes a writer or belief that makes a writer. However, I'm coming to realize that unless you believe you are a writer you won't create a habit to… Continue reading Notebook Routines

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Book Talkin’

The very fist student day of school, Deb Gaby (the reading coach in my school district) and I stumbled upon a meeting between 5th and 6th grade language arts teachers. They were discussing how to help students want to read. Deb and I slipped into the conversation. I was struck because these teachers are quite… Continue reading Book Talkin’

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I hope you’ll join CHALK-A-BRATION

On the last day of each month, Betsy hosts CHALK-A-BRATION. This is a celebration of chalk art and poetry. If you want to play (and I hope you do), the deal is simple: Write a poem with chalk on a sidewalk or street or driveway. Take a photo and post it online. Share it with… Continue reading I hope you’ll join CHALK-A-BRATION

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Kate Messner’s Latest Picture Book

I love this new title from Kate Messner and Andy Rash. As I read it, I was intrigued by the speech bubbles, and I wondered how they influenced Kate's writing process. Lucky for me, she was willing to write a few thoughts about Dialogue, Speech Bubbles and Picture Book Revision as part of the MAKING… Continue reading Kate Messner’s Latest Picture Book

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It’s Coming!

I'm excited that this little book will be out next month. It is less than 100 pages, but is full of ideas to weave authentic celebration into your work with young writers. It address celebration throughout the writing process, as well as pushes us to consider ways to celebrate outside of the walls of our… Continue reading It’s Coming!

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Dream Big…Read Big…Write Big

Each year Deb Gaby helps select a reading theme for the school year at Milford Elementary School. This year, to kick off the BIG reading year, we hosted a carnival. Kids made book marks, had their faces painted with favorite book characters, read favorite books, and posed in a photo booth. Then they made picture… Continue reading Dream Big…Read Big…Write Big

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A “Jog” You Have Energy For

I hope you didn't miss the BIG event on Saturday: Picture Books 10 for 10 hosted by Cathy Mere (Reflect and Refine) and Mandy Robek (Enjoy and Embrace Learning). Bloggers compiled their lists of 10 picture books and then shared the links with Cathy and Mandy. Cathy and Mandy then created a jog. With over 60 participants, it… Continue reading A “Jog” You Have Energy For

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Investing in Reading Lives {Nerdy Book Club Guest Post}

I'm so excited to be guest posting at The Nerdy Book Club today. Here's the start and then head over there to read the rest. "Mom, I've decided to start a reading club,” Sam, age 7, soon to be a second grader, declared. It’s 6:23 am and he’s standing beside me in Ninjago jammies, sticking… Continue reading Investing in Reading Lives {Nerdy Book Club Guest Post}

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Solve It Your Way

I'm excited to share Franki Sibberson's latest project with you. SOLVE IT YOUR WAY! is an innovative project to encourage creative problem solving and collaborate with others around the globe. I shared this month's question with them while we waited in the car for Andy to run into the store. When we got home, my… Continue reading Solve It Your Way