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“I Don’t Have Anything to Slice About!”: Generating Ideas for the 2023 Classroom SOLSC

While we still have twenty-one days left in the Classroom SOLSC, you might already have students struggling to think of a topic. Today's post shares ideas for "slice-peration!"

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Conquering the Blank Page with Borrowed Lines

Borrowed lines from nonthreatening text is one way we can demystify writing for students and help them see the page, not as an empty vast space, but as an opportunity to produce beautiful writing. 

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Inspire Your Young Writers With A Wide Inclusive Range of Topics and Stories

One thing we can do to support all writers, is to be intentional in the topics and story ideas we use as models and mentors. Modeling a wide range of stories and ideas can help each of your writers be inspired.

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Never Write About the Same Topic as Your Students–Except Sometimes

The cornerstone of writing workshop is that students get to choose their own topics rather than be assigned a topic by the teacher.

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10 Math & Science Topic Choice Mentors + 10 Book Giveaways

Do you have students who are interested in math and science, but claim they hate writing or don't know what to write about in their writer’s notebooks? Here are 10 newer picture books to inspire them to write about their passion.

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Supporting Boy Writers: An Interview with Ralph Fletcher

Have you ever banned a topic from your writing workshop? If you have, you’re not alone…but you may want to think twice about that policy.

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10 Topic Choice Mentor Texts

Do you have students who claim they don't know what to write about in their writer's notebooks? Here are 10 new picture books to inspire them to write.

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Topic Choice

So often, we run into students who say, "I don't know what to write about." We work to help them develop topics. We make lists of writing ideas. We encourage them to explore writing territories. They find possible stories. What I've been realizing lately is often my topic choice has more to do with what… Continue reading Topic Choice

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Looking for Something?

If you're looking for information about a specific topic or a post you've seen in the past, you may want to use the search box in the top right corner, just under our header. Also, if you're interested in the kinds of topics we're currently writing about, you may want to check posts from this… Continue reading Looking for Something?

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The Truth is what matters when we write. (The “T” is capitalized for a reason.)

Ruth and I have were recently talking about the truth in our writing. We both recognized that honesty matters when we write. Writing is empty and vacant without the expression of honest emotions, isn't it? Yesterday, when I met up with my former student, Elaine, and her family we talked about having writing territories and… Continue reading The Truth is what matters when we write. (The “T” is capitalized for a reason.)