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Looking Forward

The end of the school year is the perfect time to venture out of our classrooms and learn about what is happening in classrooms across our school buildings. These opportunities remind us that the work we do with writers is collective.

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Re-imagining Classroom Work Spaces: Reaching Your Writers

We cannot always afford to provide students everything we want to give them, but it’s important to find ways to give all kids what they need. It is possible to create a space with flexible seating options on a limited budget.

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Take a Tour of Your Own School with an Eye Toward Writing Workshop

When you have a chance, take a walk through the hallways of your own school. Try to see with fresh eyes. Pretend you are a visitor. Ask yourself: What kind of writing is on display? What kind of writing is not on display?If what we display in the hallways conveys a message about what we… Continue reading Take a Tour of Your Own School with an Eye Toward Writing Workshop

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End of Year Reflections and June Planning

As we approach the end of another school year, many of us begin making plans for outgrowing ourselves. But what might be some lenses to think through when taking on such a task? I have a few ideas . . .

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Building a Community of Writers: Creating the Emotional Space

Building a community of writers is likely a goal for all writing workshop teachers. But what are some ways to be intentional about bringing such a goal to fruition?

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Changing Tack: Learning from a Writing Conference

It's great to be prepared when we are conferring with our writers. However, being 'prepared' and being 'present' are not the same thing...

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A Game Plan for Writing Workshop Transitions

Have you ever visited a colleague's classroom or watched a video of a lesson and wondered, "How are those kids so perfect? How do they seem to know exactly what to do, the moment the teacher suggests it?" Just like in sports, practice makes perfect. A sports coach puts time and effort into devising game… Continue reading A Game Plan for Writing Workshop Transitions