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The Best Gifts for the Writing Teacher in Your Life

Now is the time of year where I find endless gift lists online: what to get the foodie or the music guru or the athlete or the you-name-it in your life. In that same spirit, I’ve chosen to curate a gift list for teachers of writing, and the folks that support them. I know there are lots of lists for writers out there already. Many suggest pens, headphones, or comfy chairs, but my list is different. Being a poet at heart, I tend to live in metaphor. My list, then, is a collection of things writing teachers owe ourselves and one another - a collection we can’t find on Amazon or Etsy, no matter what search terms we use. So, without further ado, here are my recommendations...

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Gifts to Inspire Young Writers + Giveaways

Nurture a child's interest and talent for writing this holiday season with one of these items. Look for a chance to win one of these five items by reading the giveaway information at the bottom of this blog post.

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My Latest Writing Project: A Blessing

Yesterday I read an incredible blog post by Edgar M. Bronfman in The Washington Post's "On Faith" section.  I believe Bronfman's article, "Create a holy Hanukkah," was penned with the sole purpose to encourage North American Jews to think more deeply about the gifts we choose to give our children on Chanukah.  Rather than summarize… Continue reading My Latest Writing Project: A Blessing

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Today’s My Student Teacher’s Last Day

Just a reminder for those of you whose student teachers are finishing soon: remember to get him/her something. As you'll see, I put in some practical stuff, as well as some funny things (we have a joke about eye cream and mints). BTW: The cute card, above, was designed by Ruth.

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SOLSC: Please Link Your Story Here

The month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge is three short weeks away. However, if you simply stopped by to submit the link to the Slice of Life Story you wrote for today, then Ruth and I have another little surprise for you. One lucky participant in today’s Slice of Life Story Challenge will receive a… Continue reading SOLSC: Please Link Your Story Here

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Birthday Poems Instead of Presents

I don't buy gifts. I don't bake cupcakes. I don't create Happy Birthday Certificates. Instead I hand-make a birthday card for each of my students, decorate it with stickers, ribbons, etc. and then attach a birthday poem to it. I think that it makes a nicer gift than anything else I've handed out in the… Continue reading Birthday Poems Instead of Presents

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An Inspired Writer

The purpose of Ruth's other blog aims to inspire readers and writers. She definitely did that with me today! I decided that what I had already bought my Mom for her upcoming birthday was not enough. Thus, I took Ruth's idea and transformed a memoir I wrote about my Mom for Lucy's Writing Class in… Continue reading An Inspired Writer