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Writing and Playing: A Natural Pairing in the Kindergarten Classroom

Writing and playing are not one and the same but there is deep value in forging connections between the two by finding regular opportunities to have children both write while they play, AND play while they write! 

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Fostering Authorship, Identity, and Agency in the Early Childhood Classroom Through Storytelling

As the storytelling culture is developed in the classroom, children are likely to begin to see themselves as authors and to use their voices in braver ways to share their ideas and who they are with their peers.

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Hands-on Tools for Purposeful Practice with Punctuation

Whether your writers are forgetting to use, incorrectly using, or using punctuation without much variety, these tips and tools can bring engagement and intention to conventions.

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Kindergarten Forest School: Integrating Writing with Nature and Play

Whether you're looking to begin a Forest School routine, connect children to nature, or integrate writing with play, this post outlines ways to begin.

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Everyone Gets What They Need: Reaching Your Writers

How a story about babies and bandages helped kids and families differentiate between equity and equality....and what it looks like for everyone go get what they need during writing workshop.

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From Skin Study to Writing Workshop

After finishing each swirl of her curly hair, Camila circled her paintbrush around and around, forming eyes. For many children, the self-portrait stops here, at the outline.  I kneeled next to the young artist, holding a mirror in my hand, and said, “Camila, look at how the colors you are choosing match your hair, your… Continue reading From Skin Study to Writing Workshop

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Let Them Color, Because…

How often do your students get to color? How often do your students get to illustrate their books in color? Do your students color with meaning and purpose? This post shares research and tips for making writing workshop more colorful (in any grade!).

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Fine Motor and Beyond: How To Support Underlying Skills for Writing

What makes the physical and visual process of writing challenging? Read to find out how an occupational therapist collaborated with a classroom teacher to increase participation of all students during writing workshop.

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Writing in Choice Time: Not Just a Center

Writing is not limited to a center choice during play. It is a part of all centers! Read this post to find out how to invite different kinds of writing at the most engaging time of day.

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A Writer Emerges: Watching My Daughter Grow as a Writer

How do you when you are a writer? I've been following my daughter's journey and watching her grow in her belief she is a writer. I'm a believer, too.