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Quick & Fun Lesson Closures? Yes, Please!

Embrace the thrill of trying something new. Know that doing so doesn't require abundant time, energy, or preparation. Small shifts have a real impact on classroom energy, enthusiasm, and engagement. How do you add variety, joy, and/or playfulness to lesson closings?

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One Good Thing

Recently, my 11-year-old daughter was cleaning out her dresser drawer. She came across a small blue journal from second grade and ran into my bedroom as I folded the laundry. "Look, Mom! This is my "One Good Thing" journal from Ms. Hale's class." The laundry could wait; we had some reminiscing to do. Some of… Continue reading One Good Thing

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Exploring Character Traits with Reflective Journal Prompts

A back to school 2020 problem for those of us teaching in person- what do you do during masks breaks? A reflective journal that connects to character traits was my solution! Read on for resources I am sharing that match character traits with read alouds and reflective journal prompts.

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Writing: A Path to Become an Intentional Educator

What if there was a way to build in opportunities to reflect, in writing, about my teaching right in the place where the lesson plans reside? And what if that place could also offer daily inspiration and opportunities to set positive intentions for the week ahead?

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The Antidote to December Stress: Teach Students to Write about Gratitude

This time of year can be overwhelming, for teachers and students alike. Writing about gratitude is one way to stay present and positive.