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Shared reading as a writing tool? Go for it!

Teachers always seem to be searching for extra minutes. Cycles of shared reading represent one way to thoughtfully reimagine how to make the most of each minute. When we thoughtfully (and playfully) integrate literacy, everyone wins!

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Quick & Fun Lesson Closures? Yes, Please!

Embrace the thrill of trying something new. Know that doing so doesn't require abundant time, energy, or preparation. Small shifts have a real impact on classroom energy, enthusiasm, and engagement. How do you add variety, joy, and/or playfulness to lesson closings?

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Editing Along the Way…Often in 5 Minutes or Less

The other day, I did it again. I drafted an email to my bosses. Read it. Reread it. Hit send. Got distracted. Then… saw it. The error.  These moments of regret keep me humble! And so, when I notice students not applying taught spelling and grammar concepts, I remind myself that they are not defiantly… Continue reading Editing Along the Way…Often in 5 Minutes or Less

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Bring on the Fun with Sentence Construction

Who says grammar can't be fun in a third-grade classroom? And who says young writers can't understand complex concepts like dependent and independent clauses? And who knew I'd be using poop, sentence structures, and a variety of clauses in the same sentence in front of a room of third-graders?

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Minilesson Alternatives: Considering OTHER Ways to Kick Off Workshop

If you have ever felt that you were going through the motions of a minilesson, know that there are plenty of other ways you can choose to gather as a community and launch writing time. Here are ten alternatives for beginning a writing workshop session - - with joy, intention, and inspiration.

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Step Up Interactive Writing (…And Sneak In More Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar)

As teachers, we know that when writers encode with ease, they are better able to focus on their ideas. Interactive writing is the perfect setting to build this competency.


The Power of Small Words and Combinations

Why are some sentences stronger than others? What makes a sentence powerful? What are the subtle but important differences that a single word can make? Maybe you'll inspire some word-based debates as you nudge along fluency and language skills.

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Chatting About Conventions with Jeff Anderson & Whitney La Rocca

Let’s talk grammar! Listen-in to a conversation Stacey recently had with Jeff Anderson and Whitney La Rocca about language conventions.