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A Parade of Writers

Each fall, staff and students line the hallways of PS 59 for a very special celebration. They cheer and high-five the newest, proudest published authors of the school: kindergartners. 

DdNew Year!

Writers get ready for the parade, by:

1. Publishing an important piece of writing.


2. Learning a new chant.

Writing Parade Chant #TWTBlog
Chart made by Kristine Mraz

3. Making special things to wear.

Finally, writers march proudly into the hallway, books (and sometimes signs) in tow.



The writing parade can happen in any grade, at any point of the year. It may even reach community members or families. Perhaps it will grow into a beloved yearly tradition, as it has at PS 59. 

To continue to fuel joy and energy for writing, celebrations:

  • occur each day in writing workshop — during the minilesson, while acknowledging growth of writers; as the focus of the mid-workshop interruptions and shares, spotlighting the work of a student or the community; or in conferences, as writers work on goals.
  • include an audience — writing partners, teachers and administrators, buddy classes, caregivers and family members, community members and guest authors can all participate as readers for writing celebrations. The class can write an invitation ahead of time via shared/or interactive writing.
  • change — think of new, purposeful, and authentic ways and reasons to celebrate at the end of each unit. Writers can be a part of this planning process!

Please share your favorite ways to celebrate at the end of a unit (or during the writing process) in the comments section, below!

3 thoughts on “A Parade of Writers

  1. My second grade writers are celebrating their personal narrative stories tomorrow! The Ks, some first graders, and hopefully some third and fourth graders are popping over to be partners and audiences for these writers and their published pieces. On Friday, a handful of second graders will also get the chance to share their book with the entire school community at All School Meeting. I love how we can weave them into a school wide fabric of writing, sharing, and celebrating! I might just have to teach them a writing chant or two… ❤️


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