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Communication, Collaboration, and Clarity: Reaching Your Writers

The more we can communicate, collaborate, and empower the people we work with, both adults and students, so that they know and understand the learning that should be happening in our writing classrooms, the more we will see that learning happen. When we all know what we’re working on and we have the tools and systems to support our pathways, great things happen!

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A Class Hub To The Rescue!

A class hub can make all the difference for digital writing and learning!

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Collaborating with Colleagues: Assessment Strengthens Writers

Assessment has played a big role in my shifts as a writing teacher. Colleagues have helped me get there. Come see my journey of the people in my life who have not only impacted the writers in my classroom but have impacted me as a teacher. Assessment strengthens all of us when done right!

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Using Colleagues to Create Your Own Professional Development: PD Possibilities Series

My husband is an eighth grade ELA teacher. We often find ourselves having conversations about our day. One night he was mentioning he had to step into a colleagues room for a few minutes and he noticed some really innovative engagement techniques. He was immediately thinking about how he might try this with his students.… Continue reading Using Colleagues to Create Your Own Professional Development: PD Possibilities Series

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Working Together to Support All Kids: Getting all the Adults in the Classroom on the Same Page

s a literacy coach, part of my role is to support teachers with how to work together with all the professionals who will come in and out of their reading and writing workshop. Lately, I've been brainstorming with some super smart teachers to figure out how we can get all the grown-ups in a classroom to be more consistent with one another.