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Three Ideas for Planning a Multiage Curriculum Calendar for Writing Workshop

In this post, I'll share three things I've learned from my own school district, where we have many multiage classrooms.

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Planning for Intentionality: Elementary Planner Giveaway

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your plan book? Are you looking to be more inspired when you jot your weekly plans? Read on to learn about the Intentional Educator Planner (Elementary) and comment for a chance to win your own copy!

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Before You Go…

It's that time of year when we start to think about all the things we didn't get to do with our students! Here are five writing exercises I am going to make sure students don't leave without!

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The Intentional Educator Planner (Giveaway)

I've always wanted to keep a reflective journal about my teaching but in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day, that seemed to be the first thing to go from list of "to-do's." I'm hopeful that having  a place to reflect right in my plan book will encourage me to take time to write down my thoughts and ideas each week. The 2017-2018 Intentional Educator Planner will be just the place!

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Writing: A Path to Become an Intentional Educator

What if there was a way to build in opportunities to reflect, in writing, about my teaching right in the place where the lesson plans reside? And what if that place could also offer daily inspiration and opportunities to set positive intentions for the week ahead?

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Stixy: My new favorite tech toy

My Stixyboard for Wednesday 9-3-08 Originally uploaded by teachergal I discovered Stixy this past weekend, which is essentially an online bulletin board. The users of Stixy suggest using it in the following ways: * for family schedules * for work projects * to prepare an upcoming vacation with friends * to display photos from your… Continue reading Stixy: My new favorite tech toy

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Beyond the first week of school in my plan book

Week Two: Plan Book Originally uploaded by teachergal Sarah asked me how I was going to plan, using my new plan book, week-to-week. I realized, when she wrote this, that I neglected to put a blank week's template into the slide show I posted. Hence, here's what a typical week's worth of plans will look… Continue reading Beyond the first week of school in my plan book

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My Personalized Plan Book Arrived Today!

I blogged about the plan book I was creating a couple of weeks ago. I found that many photo books were just too expensive to create over the summer, plus few had spiral spines. I searched, and searched, & finally found that could allow me to create the exact plan book I wanted at… Continue reading My Personalized Plan Book Arrived Today!

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Personalized Plan Books

This past March my plan book fell apart. Therefore, I created a new one on Winkflash, which had a special ($19.99 for a 100 pg. hardcover book). I don't think Winkflash has that special any more, but the idea of creating my own plan book again, so that it's customized to my tastes, appeals to… Continue reading Personalized Plan Books

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There Isn’t Time… The Gates Are Closing… Teaching ’til the End…

Next Week: Agh!!!!!!!!!!! Originally uploaded by teachergal Farjeon wrote a poem called "There Isn't Time," which has always resonated with me since I try to multi-task all of the time -- sometimes successfully and sometimes I just don't get everything done. At the end of every school year, because I've got this demented idea that… Continue reading There Isn’t Time… The Gates Are Closing… Teaching ’til the End…

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Plan Book

Someone queried me last month asking me, "What does your plan book look like?" I scanned-in my plan book and emailed them back. However, in the past week, I've gotten a few more requests for the same thing. Honestly, it's nothing that special, but I'm posting what one week's plan looks like. (Everything is subject… Continue reading Plan Book