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Summer Writing Ideas

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Primary Reading Audience: Classroom teachers and literacy coaches

Why It Matters: A common question at this time of year is a welcome one! How can we encourage children’s writing lives over the summer?

Ideas to Try: Here are a few ideas to share.

1. Start a family routine that involves writing. My daughters initially resisted the idea of writing for five to ten minutes before leaving the dinner table, but gradually it became a ritual. We lived with my father who had increasing dementia, and even he participated. We all had writing journals, we wrote about something from the day– no rules– and we shared. This practice shines a light on the value of writing for building relationships.

2. Have children research and report out on planned or possible summer adventures. Even young writers are able to create persuasive pieces about why summer vacation should include certain experiences. Set children up with some information about a place and challenge them to educate and convince other family members about why they should go there. Multi-media presentations welcome!

3. Tap into the power of competition. Even during the summer, there are some writing competitions that are available to young writers. Here are a few with summer deadlines:

4. Summer is a perfect time for young writers to submit pieces for potential publication. Here are a few sites that welcome submissions:

Go Deeper: For other ideas, check out these posts and podcast:

Find Inspiration for Summer Writing: A Conversation With a Colleague Two Writing Teachers Podcast

Summer vacation can be when children's writing lives take a backseat to other activities. What if we could help our students pursue writing that interests them during the summer break? Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, a former #TWTBlog co-author, joins us to discuss how to keep students writing during the summer months.Join Kathleen and Stacey as they explore practical strategies for encouraging and supporting our students' writing lives during the summer months. From journaling to blogging to creating digital stories, there are many ideas to help keep your students engaged and motivated to write all summer long.You can find Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski online at Courage Doesn’t Always Roar or on Twitter, @MrsSokolowski#TWTBlog posts related to this episode:A To Be Written ListClosing the Summer Writing GapQR Coding Our Way to Summer WritingReady for a Challenge? Keep Learning Going Throughout the SummerReimagine Tools for Summertime WritingSix REAL Purposes For Kids to Write This Summer and BeyondSoft StartsSummer Notebook: A Worthy Mission Summer Writing Projects in the Upper GradesWriting Victories: Keep Learning Going Throughout the SummerOther helpful resources:Best Apps for Creating Books and Storybooks (Common Sense Education)Everything You Need to Teach Digital Citizenship (Common Sense Education)Independent Writing: One Teacher – Thirty-Two Needs, Topics, and Plans by M. Colleen CruzKeeping a Notebook Videos on YouTube (Betsy the Writing Camper)Publishing Opportunities for Students (Common Sense Education)Sharing Our Notebooks (Amy Ludwig VanDerwater)Please subscribe to our podcast and leave us ratings/reviews on your favorite listening platform.You may contact us directly if you want us to consult with your school district. Melanie Meehan: Stacey Shubitz: Email us at for affiliate or sponsorship opportunities.For more about teaching writing, head to the Two Writing Teachers blog.
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The Bottom Line: Just as reading is important during the summer, so is writing! Consider accepting the challenge of inspiring writers to keep writing going when school isn’t in session.

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