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Preparing for Fall Conferences With Families

As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to change color, teachers begin preparing for conferences with families. I know for many teachers, this can be stressful (and time consuming), making decisions about what to share in that precious 20-30 minutes that will both inform and reassure caregivers that their child is learning. Here’s an idea that I'm hoping helps all workshop teachers to feel more confident about conference prep.

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Five Tips for Parents and Caregivers for Offering Feedback to Writers

How can I be clear about aligning what families hear me teaching with what their children are doing with the feedback both they and I offer kids along the way?

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A Letter to Families as we Launch Remote Writing Workshop

As I considered what to write this week, I decided to share a piece I was crafting for back to school, as an instructional coach/remote kindergarten teacher this year. The process helped me to focus on what families might need, as they experience writing workshop in new ways (i.e. at their kitchen tables).

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A Few of My Favorite Things For Distance Learning

It's the end of a memorable Teacher Appreciation Week. In the spirit of appreciation, I'm sharing a few of my favorite things so far during distance learning.

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Communicating Clear Expectations for Writing Workshop

Words, time, language. All of these factors can be challenges when communicating efficiently and effectively with families. When in doubt, turn to creating a short video to communicate clear and concise expectations.

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Back to School Themes and Reflections

What are the themes that you come back to each school year? Today I explore the topics that I come back to each new year and share links from previous posts. Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Enlisting Writing Support from Parents

Parents can be a tremendous educational resource.  Yet, in middle school it can be challenging, as developmentally our students are beginning to morph from children into young adults. Thinking about next year, I have drafted some ideas for partnering with parents on how to help their kids become stronger writers.  How might parents provide support in the way writing workshop teachers believe is most helpful?  Here are a few ideas...

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Parental Intentions: Solving Predictable Problems

Children deserve a caring adult in their corner. Sometimes good intentions can backfire. As we continue the series on Predictable Problems, today we tackle parental figures and misunderstandings related to the writing workshop.

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Helping Parents Understand Writing Workshop: Keep Learning Going Throughout the Summer

I love watching parents and children enjoying our town library during the summer months. There's so much joy in reading together and selecting piles of books to bring home. My own daughters could never believe how many more books I'd let them take home from the library than from the local bookstore--after all, I was… Continue reading Helping Parents Understand Writing Workshop: Keep Learning Going Throughout the Summer