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Work Smarter: How To Wrap Up A Unit of Study

This week my colleagues and I are writing posts that we hope will make your life a little easier. We’re sharing some ways to work smarter, not harder.

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Independent Writing: 10 Ways to Get Students Published in the Real World

Some students want to write more than what is required of them in writing workshop. Enter independent writing projects! But how do you go from being another set of eyes on some additional writing a student does to helping him/her go public with their work?

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Bring the Writing Celebration to Them!

Many parents, guardians, and extended family members cannot leave work to attend writing celebrations. Here are some ideas to bring your next publishing party into the community where you teach OR to make them virtual celebrations.

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Wow. Just Wow.

Awhile ago I was a 7th grade language arts teacher. My last year in the classroom I had one of the coolest classes that may have ever been compiled. It was the last block of the day. There were 22 of them, and they all came from very different walks of life. Outside of the… Continue reading Wow. Just Wow.

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Celebrating Versus Publishing

I've been percolating some ideas for the Celebrating Writers book Christi Overman and I are working on and expect to have out later this year with Stenhouse. We pretty much had it drafted, but then, looking back after letting it settle realized (due to the insight of our editor) that it just wasn't quite right.… Continue reading Celebrating Versus Publishing


Write –> Publish –> Touch Other People’s Lives

Annie Campbell, some of whom you know from the "Write Now In Room 204" Blog is a master third grade teacher.  I met Annie at the TCRWP Summer Writing Institute in 2008.  We were both taking Carl Anderson's upper grade revision session.  I haven't seen Annie in person since July 2008, but I've been in… Continue reading Write –> Publish –> Touch Other People’s Lives

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Highlights from the Week

I have been in a lot of different writing workshops lately. Just this week I've been in 13 writing workshops and have met with 13 different teachers in either reflective practice meetings or planning meetings. Therefore, I have SO MUCH I want to record. Which leads me to my current dilemma: what do I not… Continue reading Highlights from the Week


Let’s Celebrate!

How are you planning to celebrate the authors in your classroom? The longer I'm a part of writing workshops, not to mention the more I write, the more I believe in the importance of celebration. Celebration fuels writers. When I first started, I used to think perfection was needed to celebrate. Since becoming a recovering… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate!