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Student Writing As Data for Love and Instruction

I believe we might understand student experience is by looking at student composition with asset-based eyes, first to recognize students as whole children and secondly to determine flexible writing goals. 

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Using Artifacts and Photos to Inspire Writing: Discovering the Writer’s Life

Using artifacts and photos from our life allows us to reconnect with stories and breathes in new life to our writer's notebooks.

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Memory Boxes

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge was published in 1985, when I was in third grade. However, my third grade teacher never read it to me, nor did my fourth or my fifth. In fact, I hadn't even heard of this Mem Fox Book until last week when my mother-in-law, a former first and third grade teacher… Continue reading Memory Boxes

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Write about it in your notebook!

One of my students got injured in the classroom yesterday. Hence, he had to make a trip to the hospital emergency room. I visited him in the evening and found that he had two hospital bracelets on. I suggested that he tape them into his writer's notebook after he got discharged and then use those… Continue reading Write about it in your notebook!

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Here’s what’s going inside of the memory box I’ll create tomorrow with my students…

1. Golf Glove purchased on Kiawah Island in the late 1990's. Used twice. Maybe three times. Stories from my golf lesson abound. (I think this is what I'll model with during my Minilesson Demo since I have very few memories of using this item. But the ones I do have are pretty funny, albeit embarrassing.… Continue reading Here’s what’s going inside of the memory box I’ll create tomorrow with my students…

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Memory Boxes

We're creating Memory Boxes in Writing Workshop tomorrow. (Then on Tuesday they'll start writing entries based-off of the items in their box.) Problem: It's 10:03 p.m. and I haven't figured out what to put in my box yet. ARGH!!! I've started looking around my desk and have come up with items that I'm unsure of...… Continue reading Memory Boxes

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writer’s notebook decorations.

Just wanted to let you know Z-Scrap has all K & Company products on sale right now (as well as other goodies).  Here's a link to all of Z-Scrap's sale items.  I've ordered from this online store a few times & have always been pleased with the results.  Thought some may be interested as you… Continue reading writer’s notebook decorations.

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Timelines and Writer’s Notebooks

I divided my kids up into ten groups today, printed out my Google Class Calendar, and asked them to work with a partner to organize and illustrate a month of the year. We put all of the pieces together into one long timeline that spans 15 feet at the back of my classroom! So what… Continue reading Timelines and Writer’s Notebooks

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Stacey’s WN Entry: Artifact

Today’s WN entry comes from Ralph Fletcher’s Tips for Young Writers: Write about an artifact (arrowhead, ring, antique, etc.). Important objects in our lives often provide excellent material to write about. My yellow lab Sirius lays on my bed without moving. His fur is soft and he allows me to pet him without flinching. He's… Continue reading Stacey’s WN Entry: Artifact