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Back to School Themes and Reflections

What are the themes that you come back to each school year? Today I explore the topics that I come back to each new year and share links from previous posts. Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Dear Kids… A Post You Can Share With Your Students on How To Use Writing Notebooks Home

Inspired by a recent conversation I had with some fourth graders, today I want to share a post with you that is also something you can share with your students. Feel free to read, display, or otherwise share with your third fourth, fifth graders, and middle schoolers.

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Time to Write

Donald Murray, author of the seminal text A Writer Teaches Writing (Houghton Mifflin, 1985), teaches us that one of the most important things to a writer is time, time to write.  But with the many time constraints faced by teachers, how can we be thinking about time in ways that make a difference for our students?

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Questioning Traditional Homework Practices

It can feel scary and uncertain to step away from a traditional practice like assigning homework. Following your teacher heart (and your gut) and reading what other professionals and researchers have shared can make you feel more confident in taking a risk and trying a new policy. Read on to see how one teacher (me) changed how and why homework is assigned.

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Ways to Involve Caregivers: Homework and the Writing Workshop

I don't remember sharing writing experiences at home when my daughters were in elementary school.

I wish we had.

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Nightly Writing: Homework and the Writing Workshop

Four ways to encourage students to write after the school day is finished WITHOUT assigning writing as homework.

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Some Issues to Consider: Homework and the Writing Workshop

Pushing the dance studio door open, I watched my two daughters and their two best friends bound playfully out to the parking lot.  Walking next to me was Jamie, their mother.  "Sorry," she whispered, "we can't do dinner tonight.  Blake's got homework."  Blake, a fourth grader, after attending school all day and now having finished… Continue reading Some Issues to Consider: Homework and the Writing Workshop

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You don’t have to write, you get to write.

After your students decorate their writer's notebooks and you review your expectations, the notebooks go home.  This is exciting!  Who doesn't love writing in a new notebook?!!? I'll tell ya, there are plenty of students who aren't enthralled with the idea of writing at home every night since they don't think they have anything to say… Continue reading You don’t have to write, you get to write.

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Sharing Lists of Emotions

I did the strong emotions lesson (using Skittles) on Friday. My demonstration was way longer than it was supposed to be (on paper), but I felt that I needed to be exceedingly explicit so that the kids would get it. They did, but I still think the length was a bit too much. The inside… Continue reading Sharing Lists of Emotions