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Last Post of the Year

This is going to be my last post for 2007. Tomorrow starts a new year, brimming with possibilities and promise.

2007 has been an amazing year for me professionally and personally. Though it was not without its challenges. (Are writing teachers allowed to use double-negatives or is that bad form?!!?)

I´m so pleased that Ruth and I had the chance to meet in March, which afforded us with the opportunity to expand our horizons. We´ve developed a wonderful friendship. Additionally, Ruth is someone that I turn to when I need advice on my teaching practice in all areas, not just writing. I´m grateful for her friendship and for the opportunity to co-blog with her.

As a teacher of writing, I hope to develop a bit more clarity with regard to the way I use notebooks in my classroom. I thought I mastered it, but I still feel like I have a lot more learning to do. I will elaborate on that in the days to come… I promise.

Further, I´ve come to believe that being an effective writing teacher isn´t just about crafting good units of study for your students. I think it´s really about instilling a passion for the written word in them. Ideally, when my students leave my classroom, I not only want them to write better, I want them to want to write because they have a desire to communicate through the written word and because they have something to say (and they want someone else to listen and take notice of what they´re writing about).

In the next few days, I´ll be crafting my hopes and dreams for the year of 2008. Hopes and Dreams is something that my students do as part of the Responsive Classroom Curriculum. However, it´s something I began doing to do, as a teacher, a couple of years ago. Just as my students revisit their Hopes and Dreams midyear, I revisit mine. Tweaking them is part of what moves you forward as a person. Hence, I invite you to begin thinking about your hopes and dreams for 2008, rather than just making a New Year´s Resolution. What do you hope to do personally and professionally this year? What do you dream will become a reality for you on the brink of this new year?

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