One Little Word

New Year’s Resolutions!???! FEH! Who needs them!??! I never stick to them anyway (who does?)!

Therefore, when I saw the One Little Word “Challenge” on { A } this morning, I thought, “Wow!” Of course, then I proceeded to wonder just what my word for 2008 should be… I finally figured it out (see below).

I pondered it as I drove to work this morning. Once I walked through the front door of my school I thought, “I think I should do this with my students this morning, before we rewrite our Hopes and Dreams, to get them thinking about what is important to them this year (i.e., what they should focus on). So, we brainstormed what words might be important to each of us as individuals. Words like “effort,” “self-control,” “peaceful,” “neatness,” “responsibility,” and “completeness” came out in our brainstorm. Then, I showed my students how to use the dictionary to look up their word. Finally, each student explained why they chose a particular word. Here’s a collection of what I words look like (they’re magnetized to one of my classroom’s exterior doors).

My Word:

Again, this was inspired by Ali Edwards’ Blog. Be sure to check out her blog if you want to be inspired too!