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Voice Matters

Jacques Steinberg, an education correspondent for The New York Times, appeared on "The Today Show" yesterday morning.  He talked with Natalie Morales about college essays that worked and didn't work at some of the nation's most prestigious colleges.  There were three commonalities I immediately recognized in the essays that worked.  First, the well-written essays had… Continue reading Voice Matters

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Wordle (Word Cloud Generator)

Kevin just informed me about Wordle. I tried it out with some of our most used categories and created this image: Try it out... you can paste any words into the application window and turn it into a graphic like the one I created above or on Crafty Creations. (I'm going to try created a… Continue reading Wordle (Word Cloud Generator)

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Words + Photos: Day 4

pottery Originally uploaded by teachergal I tried to focus more on the letting the writing guide me... not letting the photos lead the way, like I have the other days this week. (The writing on the left side of this layout captures the essence of my frustration with painting pottery!) If you're interested in seeing… Continue reading Words + Photos: Day 4

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Words + Photos: Day 1

Ali Edwards is hosting a Words + Photos Week over at { A }. I debated, heavily, as to whether I should post this on TWT or on Crafty Creations. However, I opted for TWT, since Ali is encouraging the emphasis of this exercise to be writing; the photos are just for decoration. (Had I… Continue reading Words + Photos: Day 1

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Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I???

Nancy wrote about her experiences with the Word Count Journal, something I hadn't heard of 'til I read her post. I'm debating whether or not I want to sign up for one? Hmmmm... Could be a neat tool to use in the classroom with kids going-forward. Hence, I'm posting it to my account and… Continue reading Word Count Journal: Should I or Shouldn’t I???

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Poetry Station: READY FOR LIFT-OFF!

I think I'm going to have my students sign-up to use this for one week at a time since there are seven activities. Though it'll take two weeks to complete all of the activities in a meaningful way since they're pretty elaborate. Here are the titles of the activities I put inside of the station.… Continue reading Poetry Station: READY FOR LIFT-OFF!



For those of you who enjoyed our "One Little Word" Thing (which we borrowed from { A }'s blog), please go to the One Little Word Blog, where they have bi-weekly contests for working with a word and creating a visual representation of it. The most recent word contest is for the word still. Edited… Continue reading Still

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OLW (One Little Word).

Last week Stacey posted about using Ali's OLW challenge in her classroom.  It's a very cool post & if you missed it, take a few minutes to check it out by clicking here. 2008 marks my third OLW.  In 2006 the word was GRACE.  2007's word was GENUINE.  And in early December I chose the… Continue reading OLW (One Little Word).

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One Little Word

New Year's Resolutions!???! FEH! Who needs them!??! I never stick to them anyway (who does?)! Therefore, when I saw the One Little Word "Challenge" on { A } this morning, I thought, "Wow!" Of course, then I proceeded to wonder just what my word for 2008 should be... I finally figured it out (see below).… Continue reading One Little Word