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Focus Lessons: A Review and Giveaway!

Reading Ralph Fletcher's newest book, Focus Lessons, revealed memories of my childhood much the way photos can be revealed in a pan of solution. Slowly, vividly, and magically.

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(Writing) Life Imitates Art: Finding Inspiration in Ralph Fletcher’s Instagram

The creative lives we maintain outside of writing fill us up as humans with stories to tell. When we bring this life into the writing workshop, it builds community, and it lays the foundation for lifelong writers who have strategies for sustaining their own writing lives.

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Pursue a Passion Project!

How might you use writing to tap into your personal passions? Are you writing a piece that makes you "ache with caring"? And in a chock-full, busy-every-minute life, how can educators find time for writing that is deeply meaningful, with the lens of replicating this experience for students?

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Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

I've been photographing a farm in Lincoln, RI for the past few months. I spotted it right before September 11th and was struck by the flag that hung between the silos. I've continued to capture photos of it as the seasons have changed. I shot this picture this past Monday, one day after we got… Continue reading Photo Fridays: That Barn Again

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Poetry Friday & Photo Fridays Collide!

Even though my inbox is full... Originally uploaded by teachergal Sometimes I like to let Poetry Friday and Photo Fridays collide here. It pushes me to write about my photo in verse, rather than in prose. 🙂 CADDY I had the same pencil cup for years. It spun on a lazy susan and contained more… Continue reading Poetry Friday & Photo Fridays Collide!


Digital Storytelling

This afternoon Ruth and I attended a presentation by Shannon Baumann entitled "Digital Storytelling in the K-5 Classrooms." Baumann gave us a plethora of suggestions for creating digital stories with our students. In our typical fashion, we decided to practice what we preach and gave ourselves a little "self-assignment." So, without further adieu, we present… Continue reading Digital Storytelling

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Photo Fridays: Look Back, but Always Look Ahead

A view from behind Originally uploaded by teachergal I've come to believe that once I make a decision, I should never look back. And quite frankly, I don't. I stick with something once I commit to it. Perhaps that attitude has carried over into my life in other ways. For instance, I've been photographing a… Continue reading Photo Fridays: Look Back, but Always Look Ahead

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Document a Week in the Life

Challah #1 came out perfectly. Originally uploaded by teachergal Ali Edwards is hosting a week-long challenge to document your life in photographs and words. If you're interested in taking part in this challenge, then click here to learn more about it. My first set of photos for this Challenge can be found by clicking here.… Continue reading Document a Week in the Life

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PHOTO FRIDAYS: An Almost-“Seinfeld” Moment

The things I had to do for this challah! Originally uploaded by teachergal I was patiently waiting in line at the Hope Street Location of Seven Stars Bakery. I eyed the last challah, standing up on one end behind the counter. I stood there patiently hoping that the two women in front of me weren't… Continue reading PHOTO FRIDAYS: An Almost-“Seinfeld” Moment

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Preserve Your Students’ Year in Writing & in Pictures

A few days ago I received two e-mails from one of my former fifth graders that I hadn't seen since the final day of school in June 2007. He's now in seventh grade and wanted to get back in-touch. Seeing as all of my students have my personal e-mail address, this was pretty easy for… Continue reading Preserve Your Students’ Year in Writing & in Pictures

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Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

Patriotic Farm in Lincoln, RI Originally uploaded by teachergal Lincoln, RI is one of the most rustic-feeling locations I've encountered since I moved to Rhode Island last summer. I had the chance to buy candy at a country store for just $.65 today! The man I bought my Reese's from was not only friendly, but… Continue reading Photo Fridays: Captured by this Scene

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Sharing Photos with Students & Families

I built a website on Shutterfly to share pictures and news with my students' families. This might be overkill seeing as I also built a classroom blog. I was going to use Picasa to host photos of my students, but now that I found this great new tool over at Shutterfly, I'm rethinking my Picasa… Continue reading Sharing Photos with Students & Families