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Stronger Together: How Tech Specialists Can Support Writing

Today, Two Writing Teachers brings you a voice from the community. Anna Davis is a Technology Integration Coach for Northbrook / Glenview District 30 where I teach. Anna's pretty humble in her responses, so I'll take it upon myself to tell you: Anna works miracles. It's not just that she comes with a wide range of knowledge about apps, strategies and hardware. Anna helps teachers like me articulate goals for students, choose effective (and exciting!) ways to get there, and she offers hands-on support both in and out of the classroom. I can only hope that every school has an Anna. Here's what she had to say.

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Lessons and Learning from the 2020-2021 School Year

What to keep, what to stop, and what to change? These are questions that I know I will continue to wonder about and discuss with colleagues. For me, the increased technological savviness, multimedia options, and clarity should continue to impact students' experiences and outcomes in positive ways as I move forward in teaching and learning.

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Multimodal Writing: Reflections and Shifts As We Move Forward

Universal Design emphasizes the importance of offering students ways to express what they know and are able to do in various ways. Multimodal writing not only provides multiple ways of expression, it inspires creativity and innovation, skills that matter in life.

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Easy Ways to Create a Healthy Ergonomic Set Up for Your At-Home Learner

For years, therapists have known that body positioning to increase attention and upper extremity stability is important. But those strategies have focused on children that have been seen by therapists in classrooms and clinics to address decreased attention span, core stability, and handwriting concerns. Today, Karen Reale, an occupational therapist, provides tips and tricks that can be applicable to any child who is learning in a classroom, hybrid setting, or at home this fall. This quick, informative post will help teachers educate caregivers on the importance of healthy positioning at home or wherever their child does their schoolwork.

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Providing Tools for Writing and Sharing Writing Through the Pandemic

Calling all primary writing teachers. Today Janet Ahn shares how she worked with her Kindergarteners to continue thrive in writing workshop through the pandemic. These young scholars continued to draft pieces, engage in conferring, collaborate to mark up mentor texts, and publish their writing through online platforms. Their dedication to continuing the writing workshop virtually was a reflection of how they truly saw themselves as writers.

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Writing About Reading: Building a Resource Toolkit for Middle School

Calling all middle school teachers! Today I'm sharing a ready to use resource toolkit for adolescent readers and writers featuring the book, Look Both Ways, by Jason Reynolds.

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Using Technology in Informational Writing: Expand the Possibilities Blog Series

There are times students need tools to grow, but then there are times when tools can create possibilities beyond expectations and inspire writers in new and creative ways. When I think about how technology shifted the writing in my classroom years ago, I think of Roman the most. Roman was a striving writer who used… Continue reading Using Technology in Informational Writing: Expand the Possibilities Blog Series

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Infusing Technology: It’s More Than Apps and Devices

As I sat down to write my post for the upcoming series, titled: Dreaming Big for This Year’s Writing Workshop I thought back to when I opened my writing workshop to digital tools. I thought of all the things I wished I had known. I quickly learned technology was about more than devices, apps, and… Continue reading Infusing Technology: It’s More Than Apps and Devices

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8 Great Ways to Meet Writers Where They Are

Throughout the conference, I watched, listened, and played with digital tools and all along I thought about our students and how digital tools have the capability to make all students feel successful.  I was in awe of the opportunities digital devices bring to our classrooms.

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Teaching  Digital Tools in Writing Workshop: Plan, Purpose, EXPLORE

Digital tools add opportunities to our writing, opportunities that can motivate and inspire writers. The reach of digital tools allows writers to receive and give feedback, share beyond their classroom, publish to an authentic audience, and build a writing community.  So how do we make sure our writers are ready?