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Finding a Way: Bridging the Known with a New Resource.

When I listen to what teachers are saying about our new writing curriculum, I am confident we will find our way through. Indeed, they already are.

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No More Cookie-Cutter Teaching

As educators, we need to take ownership of our teaching.  If you think your tried and true lessons are lackluster, change them.  Start with looking at your students and asking yourself, what do my students need? What are their strengths? Next, look at the VERBS in your standards. Precisely what is it your students need to master in this unit?  Finally, embrace the art of teaching, follow their lead.

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Minilessons: It’s All About the Link

It's all about the link. Make sure your minilessons link to ongoing work. Link to making choices. Link to all the other minilessons. Link to the charts and resources in the room. Most of all link your minilesson always to problem solving and independence.

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Celebrating The National Day on Writing: Bottom Lines Beliefs

Happy National Day on Writing! One way to celebrate this day is to take a moment to reflect on your bottom line beliefs about quality writing instruction.

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Highlights from the Week

I have been in a lot of different writing workshops lately. Just this week I've been in 13 writing workshops and have met with 13 different teachers in either reflective practice meetings or planning meetings. Therefore, I have SO MUCH I want to record. Which leads me to my current dilemma: what do I not… Continue reading Highlights from the Week

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a little unit planning

Tomorrow is our last day before a two week break.  Upon returning, I'll be working in 3 classrooms, all focusing on nonfiction writing (2 on research & 1 on persuasion).  I love this shift in focus in many writing workshops that happens after break. What's on my mind, though, is vertical alignment.  I've now worked at… Continue reading a little unit planning