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A Quick Way to Deal with Bibliographies for Elementary School Writers

Have your upper elementary school students spent lots of time creating a reference list? Free up the time spent on making a reference list perfect by using an online citation tool.

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Synthesizing: The Step Between Research and Writing

Synthesizing is that step we can't skip when teaching our writers to craft research writing. It is within the wait time between the research and the writing that students gain their best understandings. Here are five strategies to help your writers fill that wait time with meaningful ways to get their gears in motion in a mixing of new thinking.

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No More Cookie-Cutter Teaching

As educators, we need to take ownership of our teaching.  If you think your tried and true lessons are lackluster, change them.  Start with looking at your students and asking yourself, what do my students need? What are their strengths? Next, look at the VERBS in your standards. Precisely what is it your students need to master in this unit?  Finally, embrace the art of teaching, follow their lead.

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Using Writing for Research in the Content Area: It’s Not Just for ELA

Today's guest blog post comes from Library Media Specialist, Shannon Betts.

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Crafting Nonfiction: Conducting Research and Organizing Information

Melissa Stewart, award-winning author of more than 150 nonfiction books for children, steps into our Author's Spotlight today. In her post, she shares about the chunk and check process, which will help your students conduct research.

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The Payoff

I've been working with Keith Bollman and his fifth grade class on a research project. The end result is a tour of the solar system, completely planned, designed, researched, and created by the students. I have learned so much about collaboration through this experience. One of the parts they designed was to collect key information… Continue reading The Payoff

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21st Century Research

This is the view from the beginning of my day. Our middle schools are working toward an Academic Learning Fair. We are being intentional about considering Common Core standards and making shifts to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Today Shelley Kunkle invited her students to BYOT -- Bring Your Own Tech. Most took… Continue reading 21st Century Research