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Tapping Into the Power of Some New Mentor Texts

Mentor texts are important co-teachers in the writing workshop! Here's an in-depth look at the mentor texts I talked about in a recent podcast. After you finish reading, be sure to leave a comment after on this post for a chance to win all ten of the featured books!

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Flailing and Feedback In Writing Process As Critical: KidLit Authors Share Why

Slowing down the brainstorming part of the writing process and recognizing the emotionality of feedback has big rewards for two published authors, in addition to our young classroom writers.

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Oral Storytelling Before Writing

“Let me tell you a story…” are some of the first words that make their way out of my mouth and into the imaginations of students who don’t quite know what to think of me at the start of the year. They come in cautious. In a few days, they will come to school carrying far beyond the simple feeling of cautiousness. They will, many of them, bring with them fear, worry, and anxiety. #TWTBlog

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Classroom SOLSC: The Stories Continue – Week 4

Students have inspired us with the craft of story, building themselves into stronger writers each day. What a beautiful way to have students feel so close when they are so far from us.

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Classroom SOLSC: Writing Into Week 3

At the start of April, students around the world began the journey of storytelling, connecting them to each other, teachers, and families in important and meaningful ways. Students are writing during this historic month of April, as we all live history through a global pandemic.

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Narrative Writing: Expand the Possibilities of Genres You Teach

So many stories, so many possibilities for weaving narrative writing into other genres-- and so much fun we can have doing it!

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Continuing Along the Narrative Pathway: Part 2

Almost every student could use these charts to identify what they were working on, how they were working on it, and whether or not they needed instruction of some sort of help. 

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Clearing pathways for narrative writing: Part 1

Once students can say their beginning, middle, and end, know what their story is really about, and can identify their important parts, they almost always can make a solid plan and feel comfortable beginning to draft.  But sometimes it's hard to get them to this point in the process.

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Playing Around with Instagram Stories

I've been tinkering with Instagram Stories this summer. I've discovered several ways teacher-writers can use them as a tool for living and storytelling.

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Memory Chains: A Strategy for Writer’s Notebooks

Here’s a fun strategy you can try to generate writing in your notebook this summer. Come back-to-school time, you can teach your students how to use this strategy if they get stuck.