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Highlights from the Week

I have been in a lot of different writing workshops lately. Just this week I've been in 13 writing workshops and have met with 13 different teachers in either reflective practice meetings or planning meetings. Therefore, I have SO MUCH I want to record. Which leads me to my current dilemma: what do I not… Continue reading Highlights from the Week

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Baseball and Poetry

Lending-Out Baseball Books Originally uploaded by teachergal I'm constantly on-the-hunt for poetry that will be meaningful to the boys in my class. Sure, there are tons of humorous poems, but girls like those too. In the past year I've found quite a few poetry books that focus on sports that have been added to my… Continue reading Baseball and Poetry

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Writing Free Verse Poetry: More Mentors

I was reading a post Franki wrote about a new free-verse poetry novel, 42 Miles. After reading about it, I went on to Amazon and purchased a copy through the Strand Bookstore. I'm excited about this book since it'll likely be another mentor text of free-verse poetry that I can place in front of my… Continue reading Writing Free Verse Poetry: More Mentors