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The Power of Language Revisited

When it comes to the teaching of writing in a writing workshop, language is everything.  It is through the words we teachers choose that writers are created, built up, encouraged, and inspired.

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Because of WMS…

I began my career as a seventh grade language arts teacher at Wawasee Middle School. Thirteen years later, I remain in the same district, but in a different position. My career path has taken me into hundreds of classrooms. I've been able to learn about writers from preschool to college. I've developed many diverse relationships.… Continue reading Because of WMS…

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The Life Lessons We Teach

On Sunday, June 13th my husband and I attended a retirement celebration at Norwalk High School for Jeff Smith, who is retiring after 34 years as a music educator.   My husband played saxaphone with the Norwalk Marching Bears throughout high school.  He spent countless hours practicing for local football games and for special events, such… Continue reading The Life Lessons We Teach

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Praising Kids. Talking to Kids. Questioning Kids.

I've been doing Pilates since August 2008.  I started it in order to get stronger after some surgery I had in 2007.  I've been doing it three times a week for the past few months.  While I have nothing even close to Madonna's physique, I have certainly become stronger.  My Pilates Instructor is very cautious… Continue reading Praising Kids. Talking to Kids. Questioning Kids.

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a little unit planning

Tomorrow is our last day before a two week break.  Upon returning, I'll be working in 3 classrooms, all focusing on nonfiction writing (2 on research & 1 on persuasion).  I love this shift in focus in many writing workshops that happens after break. What's on my mind, though, is vertical alignment.  I've now worked at… Continue reading a little unit planning

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defining book.

Recently my curriculum director gave me the book:  Adolescent Literacy:  Turning Promise into Practiceedited by Kylene Beers, Robert E.Probst, & Linda Rief.  (Is my curriculum director awesome, or what?)  I am quickly realizing that it is one of those defining books for me.  It is all of the top secondary literacy leaders in the field… Continue reading defining book.

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more on key beliefs + a big thanks!

Wow!  Thanks to those who have shared so far on their Key Beliefs when it comes to language arts.  If you've not viewed the comments -- do so now!  Just click HERE.  So back in January, I wrote a professional manifesto. (I posted it below.)  Click here to see a recent reflection on it. Upon reviewing… Continue reading more on key beliefs + a big thanks!

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So you say that teachers of writing must be writers themselves, eh?

I've found a common thread amongst those who've commented on Ruth's Post entitled "Key Beliefs." Nearly everyone has said that teachers of writing must be writers themselves. If that's the case, then it's time to submit that manuscript you've been keeping locked away for fear of it getting rejected. (BTW: I've had a children's book… Continue reading So you say that teachers of writing must be writers themselves, eh?

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key beliefs?

I'm a part of our district's literacy task force.  At our last meeting we were assigned the task of writing a mission statement for the teaching of writing & reading within our district.  So what are some of your KEY BELIEFS when it comes to teaching writing & reading?  I'll share my list later --… Continue reading key beliefs?